The movie opens with a bird's eye view in movement over a naturally occuring mirror approaching and surpassing an island. Left mountain is in shadow, the right in light.
Shot at SAINT MARY LAKE the original tribes that surrounded these monumental peaks had another name they shared: "The Shining Mountains" - Journals of Lewis and Clark 1906

On the soundtrack is a modern elecronic rendering of the medieval 'Dies Irae', whose opening words are 'The day of wrath, that day / which will reduce the world to ashes.' The musical setting of the dirge Kubrick chose was Hector Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique' (1830), in which an artist DREAMS he has killed the woman he loves, is exectued by guillotine, and at whose funeral witches and monsters dance. It is this final scene of a witches' Sabbath in which the 'Dies Irae' is heard.